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Steps to building with MWC.

Building a home is a big and exciting step, especially for first timers.

Our step-by-step service is designed to make the journey to home ownership simple for our clients. Here we have outlined a basic overview of the steps we will take with you when building with us.


1. Pre-qualification

The first step we take with all of our buyers is pre-qualification. This is when our team gets to know your current situation through our free online assessment. During this process we will determine how much you can potentially borrow.

Once your assessment is complete, our team will provide you with an update. We will be able to let you know if you qualify and discuss potential new home opportunities with you.

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2. First appointment

Once pre-qualified our friendly team will arrange a suitable time for you to meet your MWC Advisor. During this appointment your Advisor will get to know you, discuss your goals and provide you with more information about the steps involved.

We can meet with you at one of our display homes, our office or a place suitable for you. Our buyers are encouraged to ask questions and talk to us anytime. We want you to feel completely confident as you move forward.


3. Formal borrowing capacity

Before searching for your perfect new home, our qualified Mortgage Brokers from Master Equity finance will need to confirm your borrowing amount. This will be a brief phone call to confirm your income and financial situation.

At this stage, our finance team will need two of your most recent payslips (or last two tax returns if self-employed). We will also need to obtain your credit report to ensure there are no defaults on your file.


4. Property selection

Your MWC Advisor will work with you to explore suitable new home opportunities. We will select properties based on your affordability, area of interest and preferred house design (if applicable).

We will then present you with some packages to choose from. Once we've found your perfect new home, you can then complete an ‘Expression of Interest’ Form to secure your new home package.


5. Contract signing

We will organise the paperwork for the property and arrange a suitable time to assist you with contract signing. At this stage our finance team will also go through the home loan application, lender privacy docs and First Home Owner Grant forms with you.

Your signed contracts will then be processed by our team and returned to the builder. The finance team will also submit your home loan application to the lender. All of our contracts are subject to finance approval to protect our buyers.


6. Unconditional

Once your finance is formally approved your contract will then go ‘Unconditional’ which makes your contract a bound agreement. This is when you celebrate, you are now ready to become a home owner!


7. Financial planning

Becoming a home owner is a financial commitment. We’ll put you in touch with a financial planner for a complimentary consultation. A financial planner can assist you with a budget plan and review your personal insurance policies.


8. Settlement!

Once you have reached settlement, the deal is done and you're now the proud owner of your block of land. This is when the funds are transferred and the legal documents are signed.

Loan repayments will start after Settlement. A construction loan most commonly has a progressive drawdown. That is, you receive installments of the loan amount at various stages of construction, rather than receiving it all at once at the start.

Learn how a construction loan works ›


9. Construction

The builder can now begin the construction stage of your brand new home which will generally take 6-8 months. We will keep you updated during each build stage through to completion of your new home.


10. Handover!

Handover is the day that your new home is officially completed and you receive the keys to move in. You've now completed your journey to home ownership and can enjoy your new life as a home owner!

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