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how much will renting really cost you?

How much will renting really cost you?

Are you renting? Have you taken the time to work out how much you’re actually paying towards someone else’s mortgage?

For example, to rent a home for $450 per week it would cost you $23,400 per year. That adds up to $702,000 over 30 years! This is assuming rental prices don’t increase (which they will) during that me.

Whether you rent or own the home you live in, someone will profit from your property...

The real question is, will you be the one to profit or your landlord? The tables below provide examples of who can profit from both scenarios.

Own a home or rent... what will you decide?

Renting (Landlord profits)

Home Value $400,000
Weekly Rental Amount $450
Rent Paid After 30yrs $702,000
Annual Growth Rate 6%
Home Value After 30yrs $2,297,396
If Sold Profit Goes to Landlord
If Sold Profit for Renter $0
Renter Receives Bond Return + the need to find a new rental home.


Owning (You profit)

Home Value

Interest Rate 4%
Weekly Repayments $440
Amount Paid After 30yrs $687,023
Annual Growth Rate 6%
Home Value After 30yrs $2,297,396
If Sold Profit Goes to Owner
Owner Receives


  • Owner may sell for profit or upgrade
  • Live mortgage free
  • Use equity to purchase additional property or help their kids into a home as a guarantor


As a home owner you can live how you want while your property grows in value...

According to CoreLogic’s 25 year housing trend report from 1993 to 2018 the capital gain over the past 25 years equates to an annual growth rate of 6.8% for houses. At the same rate of growth over the next 25 years, Australia’s national property values could rise to $2.9 million for houses by 2043.

As a home owner, you can live how you want while your property grows in value.

Mortgage or rent cycle?

Over the short-term, some may feel it's more expensive to own a home.

However, interest rates are also at record lows so in some instances mortgage repayments can be cheaper than renting - depending where you buy and how much you spend.

Think long-term... A typical mortgage is 30 years of repayments and once the debt is paid, the owner can live mortgage free. This may provide more financial security and flexibility for your family in the future!

Rent on the other hand is a never ending cycle of payments. This could mean repaying someone else's mortgage for an entire lifetime. Keep in mind also that rent prices will continue to increase over coming years.

In our article "Renting VS Owning: Comparing the Two!" we share the pros and cons of both renting and home ownership.


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