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Invest in Property!

We can help you build a successful property portfolio!

We believe that to make an informed investment decision you need knowledge. That knowledge needs to be practical and straight-forward.

That's where our experienced property investment experts are here to help you. There are many ways to create wealth through property investing - we need to find the one that best suits your personal circumstances. 

When it comes to property investing, we don't believe in the one size fits all approach. All of our clients receive a tailored, personalised service. We want to know what motivates you and what you define as success.



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First Time Property Investors

If property investing is something new to you, then you might find the idea a little daunting. As a first time investor, you may have questions such as... Where should I buy? Can I afford it? Will the investment be pay off over time? These are important questions and our property we will happily answer them for you.


Dual Income Investment Homes

The Dual Dwelling is a revolutionary investment property designed to provide you as the investor with not one but two incomes! The Dual Dwelling will help you build wealth faster, create multiple incomes and lower your costs.



5 Year Lease Back Guarantee

We currently have a range of property investment options located in high growth locations that come with the option of a '5 Year Lease Back Guarantee'. This is designed to provide the our investors with the security of a consistent rental income return over a five year period.



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Gain knowledge, get inspired and learn how to build wealth through property successfully with the help of this free 24 page Property Investing Guide for First Time Buyers.

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"I definitely didn’t think I was in a position to buy an investment property. Master Wealth Coach made me see that this actually was a possibility for me. Thank you Master Wealth Coach for helping a single female invest in property and for taking all the ‘fear’ out of it." Stacey, WA - First Time Investor 

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