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Property Investment / Dual Income Cash Flow Investment

Dual Income Cash Flow Investment.

1 Property, 2 Incomes - Invest Dual Dwelling.

The Dual Dwelling is a revolutionary investment property designed to provide you as the investor with not one but two incomes!

When viewed from the street, this dual income positive cash-flow property looks like your typical high standard four bedroom home. The difference however is in the design. This property is separated by a fire grade sound-proof wall to create two separate self-contained homes which can be leased to two individual tenants.

Both dwellings are fully self-contained featuring separate kitchens, garages, laundries and living spaces. The floor plan below is an example of one of our 3/1 bedroom Dual Dwelling investment property designs.


The diagram above is just an example of the income potential of a Dual Dwelling investment property. We have a wide range of floor plans, designs and location options available that enables us to provide investors with a Dual Dwelling option tailored to your budget.


The benefits of a dual income, cash-flow investment property.

The Dual Dwelling will help you build wealth faster, create multiple incomes and lower your costs. It is an affordable option for those looking for a low risk investment and instant income. Here's why our investors love the dual dwelling investment property:

  • They're cash flow positive! The Dual Dwelling will provide the investor with two rents instead of one. This allows the opportunity to create a positively geared investment property. Investors love the dual dwelling because of the high rental income it provides.
  • They provide less risk! If at any stage one dwelling is vacant, you will still receive an income from the other dwelling. That means less risk for you as the owner as you will still be receiving an income.
  • They can be built in high growth locations! Because the Dual Dwelling is constructed at such a high standard, they can be built in owner-occupier dominated estates which helps to drive capital growth and better long-term performance.
  • They're in high demand! These properties are in high demand due to the benefits and fantastic returns they can produce to an investor. Not only that, tenants love them also because they are an affordable option for small families, couples and singles. Rental demand will therefore be high as well as consistent.
  • They are top quality constructions! The dual dwellings we offer are built to the highest quality standards by Award Winning Luxury Home Builders and feature modern designs, open plan living areas and are fitted with premium inclusions.


Discover your options!

If you'reerious about property investment there is no better proposition than the Dual Dwelling property.

If you'd like to know more about the our Dual Income Cash Flow Investment Properties and take advantage of our free property investment service then call us on 1300 657 184 today!

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