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Property Investment / Five Year Lease Back Guarantee

5 Year Lease Back Guarantee

Imagine having a guaranteed rental income for five years!

Have you been considering property investment as your strategy for financial success but feel concerned about the expenses that may be involved should your property be vacant at any time? If so, then the five year lease back guarantee may be the perfect option for you.

We currently have a range of property investment options located in high growth locations that come with the option of a '5 Year Lease Back Guarantee'. This is designed to provide the our investors with the security of a consistent rental income return over a five year period.


How it works.

When you choose to build an investment property through us that includes the '5 Year Lease Back Guarantee' you will then have the option of a five year lease with the builders leasing agency.

If you decide to go ahead with the lease back guarantee, the builders leasing agency will then lease the property from you for a five year period. The builders leasing agency will then sub-lease your property to the actual tenant.

The leaseback starts at 5% of the purchase price for the first two years (less 7.5% + GST property management fee). For the balance of the lease term after the second year the rent will be recalculated and paid at market value. You will receive your first two months' rent at the commencement of the lease and it will continue to be paid monthly, and two months in advance.

The commencement date for your five year lease with the builders leasing agency will start 7 days from the builder receiving cleared funds for the final payment.


How you can benefit.

As an investor with the '5 Year Lease Back Guarantee' you will continue to receive rental income from the builders leasing agency each month during the five years even if:

  • The property is vacant at any time
  • The tenant of the property is late to pay their rent
  • The tenant cannot pay their rent for any given reason

This means that you can have peace of mind and enjoy a consistent rental income for five years. Once your five year lease has ended, the builders leasing agency will then continue to manage your property on your behalf.

Find out more!

If you'd like to know more about the '5 Year Lease Back Guarantee' and take advantage of our free property investment service then call us on 1300 657 184 today!

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