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Property Investment / Selecting Your Investment Property

Selecting your investment property.

Selecting your next investment property can be a big task. For this reason, our free property investment service is designed to make investing stress free and straight forward.

The investment properties we select for you to consider are not 'cookie-cutter'. The property needs to consider your individual financial situation, future goals and affordability. This means that our properties are individually chosen to match your specific requirements.

Before we present any property investment options to you, we will meet to discuss your goals and determine your estimated borrowing capacity. We can then seek out a suitable investment option for you based on your affordability and long-term goals.


Our Research Principles.

Selecting the right property to invest in is more than just liking what you see. Below we have outlined our primary research principles when selecting your investment property

  • Population & Demographics. Investing in areas with strong population growth is essential as it increases demand. We also research the demographics of the area to understand the target market.
  • Economy & Employment. We source property in high employment areas to ensure plenty of job opportunities are available to potential tenants.
  • Infrastructure & Development. Future infrastructure and development projects is imortant to increase demand and drive up property prices. We like areas that have a great future plan!
  • Public Transport & Amenities. We like properties that are close to public transport, amenities, shops and schools. Tenants like convenient locations.
  • Supply & Demand. To maximise the rental income you reap from your investment, we look for locations where vacancy rates are low and rental demand is high.
  • Design & Floor Plans. Our properties are tailored to suit investors. Open floor plans and neutral colour schemes will ensure that your property is more appealing to prospective tenants.
  • Quality Construction. We work with top quality builders to ensure every property we select is finished at the highest quality level and also value for money.

Our principles are based on years of experience and have become second nature to us. We never compromise on quality facts and information, to ensure you are making an informed choice.

Hand-Picked & Prepared for you.

When investing through us, we will present you with a range of property options for you to select from. Our property profiles feature information about the builder, the house design and floor plan and standard inclusions. We also include information about the location and present you with an independent rental appraisal from a local real estate agent.

We also provide you with a 'Property Investment Analysis Report' that's tailored to your financial situation. This report provides estimated projections of the income and expenses involved with owning that property as well as the growth potential over a ten year period.

All of our properties are full turn-key packages with no hidden costs. Once you select your property, we will then assist you through the entire process from contract signing through to acquiring tenants and beyond!

Explore your options!

If you'd like to know more about our investment options and take advantage of our free property investment service then call us on 1300 657 184 today!

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"I definitely didn’t think I was in a position to buy an investment property. Master Wealth Coach made me see that this actually was a possibility for me. Thank you Master Wealth Coach for helping a single female invest in property and for taking all the ‘fear’ out of it." Stacey, WA - First Time Investor 

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