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Refinancing your home loan is a great way to save money and gain access to improved loan features and lower interest rates. Our finance team at Master Equity Finance can help to determine what options are available to you and if refinancing makes sense for you.

By using a Mortgage broker, you'll be taking advantage of a more personalised service. Instead of waiting in long queues and inconvenient hours, our Finance Advisors can come to you at a suitable place and time.

Our finance team specialise in home loans and refinancing. We do the shopping around for you and have access to over 30 lenders! We can compare your current home loan to a wide range of lender products to find you a more suitable and competitive option.

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How Our Experienced Brokers Can Help

We will review your home loan and discuss your goals. We will then compare your loan to other products and explore some options with you.

Once we've found a product that you're happy with, we will start the refinance process and assist you with your application.

We will guide you throughout the entire refinance process to ensure a smooth and stress free experience. You'll receive regular updates during the process.

We will keep in touch with you to inform you of new opportunities and ensure you're keeping on track to achieving your goals. We can review your loan annually at no charge to ensure it still meets your expectations.

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We can compare your current home loan to a wide range of products to find you a more competitive home loan interest rate.

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