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Secure your rental income for 5 years.


If you're a property investor who appreciates the security of a guaranteed rental income, then RentGuard is the solution.

The RentGuard program is a type of leaseback option on an investment property that guarantees a rental income to the landlord from day one through to the end of the 5 year period.

Benefits of RentGuard:

  • Rent paid monthly, one month in advance
  • Guaranteed rent, regardless of vacancy period
  • 4.5% rental return
  • Free professional photography
  • No additional hidden costs
  • Industry standard property management fee of 8% + GST
  • Track everything through the asset management portal

If you choose to invest with RentGuard, you won’t have to worry about your property being vacant, tenants being late to pay rent or defaulting on their agreement. You still receive rental income consistently for 5 years.

The builders asset management agency will lease the property from you for the set period and pay rental income to you monthly (one month in advance). The builders asset management team will then sub-lease your property to tenants and manage the property.

RentGuard is only available on a select range of properties. For more information about RentGuard, chat with your MWC Advisor.

All funds are disbursed on the first (QLD) business day of the new month. For example: If your lease commences in February then your first payment will be received on the first (QLD) business day of March. The initial leaseback payment is a total of 1 month rent and monthly thereafter.

You will receive a full statement of account each month showing the rental income and expenses such as management, letting and sundry costs as well as any maintenance required in accordance with RTA legislation or your builders warranty such as smoke alarms, termite inspections etc.

When the RentGuard leaseback expires the current sub-leasing tenants will then be transferred to you. The developers real estate company will continue to manage your investment for you. The responsibility for maintenance, vacancy periods etc. are also passed on to you at the expiration of the leaseback agreement.

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