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 Steps to home ownership with MWC Group

the steps.

We have a cost free and simple step-by-step service that's designed to help our home buyers get ahead faster, easier and with peace of mind.

Here you can get a brief overview of the steps we will take with you throughout your journey to home ownership.

1. Pre-Qualification

The pre-qualification process allows us to determine if you pre-qualify for our Low Deposit Home Solution and get a clear idea of your goals, areas of interest and affordability.

Our finance team will assess your current financial situation and calculate your estimated borrowing capacity (how much the bank will lend you). Once pre-qualified our team will guide you through the next step.

2. First Appointment

Your first appointment is designed as an introduction to our service. You will meet your Home Buyer Coach at a time and place suitable for you. We will help to develop your plan and show you how we can help.

3. Formal Borrowing Capacity

Once you're happy to proceed with us, our finance team will confirm your income and conduct a Credit Enquiry to ensure there’s no defaults on your report. This allows us to confirm how much you can potentially borrow.

Steps to home ownership with MWC Group

4. Property Selection

At this stage we will explore some potential new home options with you. We will package options based on your affordability, location of interest and preferred house design (if applicable).

Once you’ve selected your new home, you will need to sign an ‘Expression of Interest’ Form. This will reserve your new home to ensure the property is not offered to another buyer.

5. Contract Signing

We will have contracts for your new home prepared and arrange a suitable time to meet and assist you with contract signing. At this stage we also go through the home loan application, lender privacy docs and first home owner grant forms with you (if applicable).

Your signed contracts will then be processed and your home loan application will be submitted. We now await for finance approval from the lender. We will contact you with any updates during this period.

6. Finance Approval

Once your finance is formally approved, and you’re approved for the First Home Owners’ Grant (if applicable), your contract will then go ‘Unconditional’ making it a bound agreement between you and the vendor.

This is the part when you celebrate! You’re about to become a home owner!

We will then meet with you to sign the relevant home loan documents. Once we’ve lodged your home loan docs we then move towards settlement of your brand new home!

7. Financial Planning

Becoming a home owner and managing a mortgage will require some extra financial discipline. We’ll put you in touch with a financial planner for a complimentary financial planning consultation.

Your financial planner can assist you with a budget plan and review your personal insurance policies. This will ensure you’re protected financially so you can continue to repay your home loan if an unexpected event was to occur.

8. Settlement

Once your property has settled, the deal is done. The property is now yours and you’re now officially a home owner! If buying off the plan - the builder will then begin construction of your new home.

We will guide you through the build stages and keep you up to date with the current progress of your new home. You will feel confident knowing that we are here with you through this journey.

Steps to home ownership with MWC Group


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