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finding your block.

block selection tips.

As part of our service, we assist our clients with finding a suitable block of land for their new home. However, we also allow our clients to search for their own block if preferred.

Here's some block selection tips to help you when searching for land...

1. Know your affordability.

Make sure to determine your affordability first. This will enable you to search for land that's within a suitable price bracket. You can contact us anytime if you'd like an estimate of how much you can potentially borrow.

2. Research locations.

You can search on websites such as realestate.com.au to see what land options are available within or nearby to your preferred location. Search within your price range and remember that a little flexibility with location or land size may allow you to find a more affordable option.

3. Look for level blocks.

The block of land you select should be a level block and free from obstructions to make it suitable for our builders. This will keep site costs at a minimum. Most estates will feature blocks which have been leveled and already have sewer and water connections available. Your MWC Advisor can help to determine if a block you've found is suitable.

4. Secure your block.

Once you've found a block of land, you should contact the agent to ensure it's still available and find out how to put the block on hold. Generally, the agent will require a holding deposit.

This deposit is held in an account to reserve the block and should be fully refundable to you, should you choose not to proceed with your purchase for any reason.

You can ask the agent to send you the information that the builder will require to site your house up ie. contour plans, disclosure plan, design guidelines and any other relevant supporting information.

With your block of land selected and on hold, we can then explore suitable home designs and floor plans with you.

We can help!

Our team is here to help you to make your home buyer journey as simple and stress free as possible. We can help to find the perfect block for your new home. Contact us anytime for help to find the perfect home!

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