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low no zero deposit first homes apply now

Apply for a low deposit home!


Our First Home Buyers Assistance Package could get you into your first home with only $5k savings. Start your application and find out if you qualify for a Low Deposit First Home option. Our service is free and you may be closer to home ownership than you think!

  • Fast and secure application that won't affect your credit score
  • Allows us to determine if you qualify and calculate how much you can potentially borrow
  • Only takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete

To get started, select Single Applicant or Joint Applicants below.

Single Applicant Joint Applicants


Qualification criteria.

• Must be18+ years and first home buyers
• Single applicants must be employed with an income of $65k or more per year before tax

 Joint applicants must have a combined income of $85k or more per year before tax
 Must have savings of at least $5,000.
 Must be currently renting for 12+ months with a lease in your name.
 Must have a good credit history with no defaults.

Qualification will depend on your individual circumstances. If you believe you meet the qualification criteria above then select Single Applicant or Joint Applicants to get started.

Important information.

  • The $20k QLD FHOG is available until 30th June 2018.
  • Please ensure Cookies is enabled on your browser before starting your application.
  • If you require assistance with your application please contact your MWC First Home Advisor or our office on 1300 657 184.