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low deposit homes.

Buy your brand new home from only $5k deposit.

dear home buyer...

Have you been taught that the only way to escape the rent cycle is with a large deposit or the help of a family member? If so, then it's time to change your mindset because we have your solution.

For many, renting is costing $450 a week or $23,000 every year towards someone else's mortgage. Over 30 years, that's more than $700,000 in dead rent money that you will NEVER see again!

Many simply haven't been given the opportunity they need to become a home owner. We're changing that because we believe EVERYONE deserves the chance to become a home owner.


deposits from $5k!

We're contributing a gift of $10,000 towards each of our buyers new home purchase to enable you to buy your home with less savings. Below we have outlined how it works, how you can benefit and the qualification criteria.

Our strategy enables us to help you into your own home with as little savings possible. Here's a brief overview of how it works...

  • Savings & Grants - First we consider the amount of savings you currently have combined with the Government First Home Grant. If you can't access the grant, we can still assist provided you have enough savings to cover the grant amount or access to a family guarantor.
  • Specialised Lenders - We then connect you with our team of Mortgage Brokers who will assist you with financing your new home. Our brokers can connect you with a wide range of well known lenders to find the right loan for you. These loans come with affordable interest rates that generally range between 3.5% to 4.5%.
  • Our $10k Gift - There are always additional costs associated with purchasing a home such as Lenders Mortgage Insurance and legal fees. For this reason we provide a gift of $10,000 towards your purchase to help cover these costs. 

You can learn more about how this strategy can work for you at your free in-home consultation with an MWC Advisor.

If you're stuck in the rent cycle and struggling to save a deposit, this could be the solution you need to get into your very own home sooner. Our qualified buyers have access to:

  • FREE Advice and Support
  • Hundreds of Great Locations
  • Over 50 Floor Plans to Choose From
  • Affordable Finance Through Well Known Lenders
  • Modern, Brand New Turn-Key Home Options
  • Assistance Accessing the Government First Home Grant
  • Our $10,000 Gift Towards Your Home
  • Our Dedicated Team to Guide You Through Every Step!

You can view real reviews and photos of our clients in their new home on our website, Facebook or Google page!

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The basic qualification criteria is outlined below:

  • 18+ and Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents.
  • Minimum income of $65,000 per year before tax or $85,000 for joint buyers.
  • Solid rental history with a lease in your name.
  • Clean credit history with no defaults.
  • First home buyers - minimum savings of $5,000 (with First Home Owner Grant) or access to a family guarantor.
  • Non first home buyers - minimum savings of $20,000 or access to a family guarantor.

If you don't meet the above criteria, we may still be able to offer suggestions on how you may be able to qualify.

 how do i start?

With a clearer idea about your current situation, we can determine if you qualify and help you get started. Get pre-qualified online or call us on 1300 657 184 and let's start your home buyer journey together.

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low deposit home solution pre-qualification

get pre-qualified.

Find out if you qualify for our Low Deposit Home Solution in a few simple steps!

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