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build your home from $5k deposit.

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low deposit homes.

For many, renting is costing $450 a week or $23,000 every year towards someone else's mortgage. Over 30 years, that's more than $700,000 in dead rent money that you will NEVER see again!

We believe that every Aussie deserves the opportunity to own their very own home. The problem is that many still believe that the only way to buy a home is with a huge deposit... We aim to change that with our Low Deposit Home Solution.


deposits from $5k!

We're contributing a gift of $10,000 towards each of our buyers new home purchase. This will enable you to buy your home with less savings.

Our step by step process will make your journey to home ownership simple and stress free with our team at your side the entire way.

Our low deposit strategy will enable you to get into your own home sooner with as little savings possible. Here's a basic overview of how it works...

  • Savings and Grants - We will consider the amount of savings you currently have combined with the Government First Home Grant. If you can't access the grant, we can still assist you with a savings plan or through a family guarantee home loan.
  • Specialised Lenders - Our finance team specialise in low deposit finance and will assist you with finding a suitable home loan. Our home loans are through well known lenders and come with affordable interest rates that typically range between 3.5% to 4.5%.
  • Our $10k Gift - We provide this gift to assist towards your new home purchase. This will allow us to help you into your own home with a smaller deposit. This is available to all buyers who purchase one of our new home packages and acquire finance through us.

You can learn more about how our strategy can work for you at your by speaking with us or downloading an info pack through the form below.

If you're stuck in the rent cycle and struggling to save a deposit, this could be the solution you need to get into your own home sooner. Our qualified buyers have access to:

  • FREE Advice and Support
  • Hundreds of Great Locations
  • Over 50 Floor Plans to Choose From
  • Affordable Finance Through Well Known Lenders
  • Modern, Brand New Turn-Key Home Options
  • Assistance Accessing the Government First Home Grant
  • Our $10,000 Gift Towards Your Home
  • Our Dedicated Team to Guide You Through Every Step!

You can view real reviews and photos of our clients in their new home on our website, Facebook or Google page!

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We have new home packages available in the following regions:


  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Logan
  • Ipswich
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Toowoomba


  • Melbourne
  • Geelong
  • Ballarat
  • Mildura

New South Wales

  • Armidale
  • Gunnedah
  • Tamworth
  • Wagga Wagga

South Australia

  • Adelaide

You can learn more about our locations and how we help you select your new home at the link below...

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