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low deposit homes!

Did you know that it costs over $23K per year to rent a home for $450 per week? Over 30 years that could be more than $702K towards someone else's mortgage... that's money that you will NEVER see again!
Our free first home buyer service will give you access to the tools and advice needed to start your journey to home ownership. Through our strategy, first home buyers can get their foot into the property market with as little upfront savings as possible!

How It Works

We make our Low Deposit First Home options possible by taking advantage of the Government First Home Owner Grant also known as ‘FHOG’. Many lenders will accept this grant to cover most of your required deposit towards your new home.

Our experienced mortgage brokers at Master Equity finance will then assist you with financing your property and connect you with specialised, well known lenders who will lend up to 95% of your new homes value - provided you meet their lending criteria and guidelines.

We will contribute up to $10,000 towards your new home purchase. This is our gift to you, not a loan! Our gift is designed to assist with the additional costs involved with purchasing your property.

Essentially, with the First Home Owners' Grant and our $10k MWC Grant, buyers can access up to $30k available towards their very first home!

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How You Can Benefit

If you're stuck in the rent cycle and struggling to save a deposit, this could possibly be the best way for you to get your foot into the property market sooner.

Qualified applicants will have access to:

  • Hundreds of great locations and over 50 floor plan designs.
  • Affordable, tailored finance options through well known lenders.
  • A wide range of brand new, fully turn-key home options.
  • Assistance with accessing the Government First Home Owner Grant.
  • Our $10,000 MWC Grant to assist with additional expenses.
  • A dedicated team who will provide support and guidance every step of the way!


Find Out If Your Qualify!

We can help determine your affordability with our simple, secure online application form. Click the link below to view our qualification criteria and apply online.

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Complete our fast and secure application form and find out if you qualify for a low deposit home!
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