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Reshaping how we invest.

Invest Co-living.

Imagine an investment property that has the potential to generate up to 10% yields with three income streams. Co-living is an opportunity to invest in purpose built, designer homes that provide superior yields and capital growth potential.

Co-living is what tenants need and the investor wants.

Looking at infrastructure, migration, and government spending are no longer enough data points to base investment decisions. We need to understand the way people are living and create living alternatives that cater to those needs – not the other way around.

A large majority of people looking to rent simply don’t need what is available and simply can’t afford it. With over 30% of Australia’s population renting, 48% of renters have a personal income of less than $35,000 a year.

Per dollar, people who live by themselves are the worst affected in Australia with an average 44.4% of their wages spent on housing.

Meeting demand

Tenants no longer want to live alone and pay rent for rooms they do not use. Co-living is what the investor needs and the tenant wants! Co-living fills a gap by providing a concierge service to singles and couples while improving rental affordability and reducing social isolation across Australia.


Up to 10% Yields & 3 Income Streams!

Co-living has the potential to deliver more than double the rental return of a traditional investment property. Receive up to three separate rental incomes from tenants, driving up your rental income!

The more rental agreements on one property mean an increased number of occupants paying rent. Doing this may reduce your risk of someone moving out or losing a job. This helps to insulate and protect your rental income stream.

Quality well designed homes that tenants WANT to live in!

Co-living offers investors the unique opportunity to invest in purpose built, designer homes that allows tenants to reside in their own dedicated share home, that provides comfortable, modern and affordable living.

  • Three private rooms with ensuites to be tenanted
  • Fully furnished quality built home with solar panels
  • Shared laundry with washing machine & dryer
  • Air-conditioning, DATA & TV points to each bedroom
  • Open plan shared living areas with individual lockable pantries
  • Garage space for two tenants and a second living area for one tenant

Taking a look inside at the expertly designed layout, the opportunity for increasing rental yields becomes apparent with 3 self-contained rooms, all with ensuites and a number of communal spaces for tenants to move, relax and live. With each room renting for a minimum of $275 per week.

A vast improvement on the same sized family home counterpart of $450 per week. Tenants save money with affordable living, and as the investor - you’ve just increased your rent by almost 100%!

Co-living is re-shaping how we invest!

Our co-living investment product is a housing alternative for investors who are frustrated with ever compressing rental returns and increased vacancy rates as a result of over-supply of ‘traditional’ investment homes.

  • Capital growth - Most residential property investments that are made are usually made within a strategy that promotes high rates of capital growth. A co-living property can blend in with the family home that it will be built next to, the capacity for capital growth is maximized. The added number of bedrooms and ensuites can have a positive impact re-sale values if a sale was ever necessary.
  • Rental demand - Co-living locations are suggested based on strong indications of demand from tenants looking for share accommodation, or, fitting the mold of someone looking to rent, who could utilise a single bedroom.
  • Council regulations - As part of a rigorous due-diligence and research program, our partner developer has identified where you can build a co-living property and what planning and construction specifications need to be adhered to, for a co-living home to be compliant.

The Clique is a team of property managers that specialise around the intricacies involved with multiple people living in a communal space.

The demand for more affordable accommodation for individuals who don’t fit the typical ‘family’ mould is now the largest discrepancy in the current Australian residential property market. Renters are saying they want better co-living solutions, but the infrastructure to support these living arrangements are simply not available.

With decades of experience in property management, now tailored for managing multiple tenants under one roof. Clique Concierge's highest priority is to ensure vacancy rates are kept low, so your returns can stay high while providing a home that tenants take pride in and never want to leave.

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