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Property investing made simple

Invest Solution

Australians love talking about property, in fact, the performance of the property market over the past three decades has given us plenty to talk about.

For example, according to CoreLogic (a leading property data provider), in 1993 the median house value across Australia was $111,524. In 2018, the median value had grown to $459,900, that's a huge 412% growth in value over 25 years!

There are a number of reasons that many choose to invest in property, a few reasons include:

  • Financial Security - Because property is known to grow in value over time, many will consider it as a strategy to secure their financial future. When the times right, investors might sell for a profit, use equity to purchase another property or continue renting the property for an additional income.
  • Cash-Flow - When the property is tenanted, the rental income should ideally cover much of the costs associated with the property. If the property is positively geared, some home owners will use the additional income to help pay down their own mortgage faster.
  • More Confidence - Investors will often feel more confident with property because it’s something we are familiar with in our everyday lives. Unlike many other forms of investment, property produces income and can be insured to protect your valuable asset.

Here to help

Invest Solution by MWC, is a tailored service designed to help everyday Aussies to achieve their property investment goals.

We start by reviewing your current situation, learning about your goals and exploring investment opportunities with you. Our team is here to guide and support you on your investment journey.

Below you can learn about our investment products and how we can help you.

Our range of investment products are designed to suit you individual investment goals and budget.

  • RentGuard - If you're a property investor who appreciates the security of a guaranteed 5 year rental income, then RentGuard is the solution.
  • Co-Living - If you're a looking for an investment to maximise your rental income, Co-Living could be for you. This allows three independent tenants to reside in a highly desirable home with a tailored property management scheme.
  • Dual Key - One property with two separate dwellings allows you to secure two rental incomes and maximise your cash-flow. Dual Key homes are generally positively geared and provide affordable living opportunities for renters.
  • House and Land - Invest in a brand new house and land package built with quality inclusions. Our partner builders combine the latest construction techniques to create homes that are comfortable, attractive and great for tenants to live in.
  • Units - Invest in a brand new, affordable townhouse, terrace home or apartment in a well established region. Units can be a great affordable option to get your foot onto the investment ladder.

Our service is designed to educate and guide our clients every step of the way on their property investment journey. In a nutshell, to help you achieve your goals we will...

  • Help you to develop your investment plan.
  • Determine how much you can potentially borrow and if you qualify for an investment property purchase.
  • Explore investment properties with you and help you to secure a property that’s suited to your goals and budget.
  • Assist you with preparing and completing all of the necessary documents and accessing government grants/incentives.
  • Connect you with our qualified finance team and partner companies to help you move ahead faster, with confidence.
  • Guide you through the buying and build process and liaise with the builder to ensure your home is completed on time and at a high standard.
  • Support you all the way through to completion and beyond.
  • Strong performance - Residential property has outperformed many other investment types, including Australian shares, listed property, fixed interest, cash and overseas shares (unhedged).
  • Cash flow - A residential investment property is expected to generate income throughout its life-span. Your tenants rental payments should cover much of the cost of owning your investment property.
  • Understanding - People understand how residential property operates as it is something they come across in their everyday lives. It is relatively free from uncontrollable external forces as people will always need somewhere to live.
  • Long-term growth - In the long term, property investment always tends to pay off. Residential property is an asset that is best held with a mid to long-term investment strategy.
  • Demand and low interest rates - In today's market, many regions are experiencing a high demand for rental property which is driving up rental prices. With low interest rates and property prices on the rise in many locations, this is providing favourable conditions for investors.
  • Control and flexibility - You can also determine how to manage the asset rather than leaving decisions to a large corporations. You can also choose where, what and when to buy and when to sell. You may also have more options in terms of growing the value and income from your property.
  • Tax benefits - Because an investment property is an income producing asset, there can be substantial tax benefits. Investors can often claim depreciation on a new property and many expenses incurred from their investment.

To be eligible you simply need to be able to service an investment loan. Because everyone's individual situation is unique, qualification will vary depending on your personal circumstances.

Generally, investors will need a stable income, equity in their current mortgage or savings and a good credit history.

We provide investors with a no obligation, free assessment to determine how much you can potentially borrow and what options are available to you. Once qualified, our team can assist you through the next steps.

Invest today!

In a few simple steps, our team can provide you with a free assessment to determine your goals and how much you can potentially borrow. We can then help you by providing a tailored plan to achieve your goals.

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Home buyer or Investor? Receive a free assessment to find out if you qualify in a few simple steps.

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