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The information featured within our website, emails, advertisements and publications is for general information purposes only.

This information is not intended as financial or investment advice and should not be construed or relied on as such. Before making any commitment of a financial nature you should seek advice from a qualified financial or investment advisor.

No material contained within our website, publications, emails or advertisements should be construed or relied upon as providing recommendations in relation to any financial or investment product. At any time lending products, property values, interest rates, product availability etc may change or no longer be up to date. Also, everyone's individual situation and goals are unique, therefore, careful consideration should be made with the help of a qualified expert before making any financial or investment decision.

MWC Property Group endeavours to ensure all information is true and correct. Our website is created with every intention of providing quality resources to our audience. If at any time you feel information may be incorrect or needs to be updated, please contact us.

Independent Service

As we are an independent service, we partner with mortgage brokers, builders, developers, land agents, solicitors, financial planners, accountants etc. Our service is designed to help aspiring and willing home buyers and investors to achieve their goals.

When it comes to assisting our clients, it is not simply a one size fits all approach. Every home buyer and investors individual circumstances, goals and requests are unique. For this reason, MWC Property Group provide education, tools and free assessments with the aim to help our clients in the best way possible.

Low Deposit Solution

Our Low Deposit Solution is designed to assist owner occupier new home buyers to achieve home ownership with as little savings possible.

Because everyone's situation is different, the required deposit amount will almost always vary and all amounts advertised on our website, publications and advertisements are general figures only, hence to why we use the term 'from' $___ deposit.

When assisting our clients we need to take into account their personal financial situation, the purchase price of the home they are seeking to buy and also whether the client is eligible for Government Grants etc. Every client of MWC Property Group will be assessed individually and provided with anticipated estimations on what the required deposit funds will be for their selected property.

Invest Solution

Invest Solution is a service designed to assist property investors. When it comes to any form of investing, the investor should seek independent advice from a qualified professional to understand and take into account any risks that may be involved.

There are many factors that can affect the property market that are beyond our control. At any time property prices, demand, economic and lending conditions can change. For this reason, MWC Property Group does not provide property market growth predictions or endorse products designed to guarantee an investment return.

Our service is simply designed to assist Investors who are seeking support on their investment journey. MWC Property Group may provide general educational information and resources designed to help our clients.


Our finance partners must work within the Banks and Lenders lending perimeters of which they have no control over. If in the instance lenders change their lending criteria, the Government changes or remove grants or the property market changes, our Low Deposit promotion or Investment services may need to be re-adjusted.

Although we endeavour to put our clients in the best possible position to make home ownership an achievable goal, we cannot guarantee a result as the lending guidelines, builder/developer policies or even our clients personal or financial situations may change at anytime.

Deposit Gifts

MWC Property Group may provide up to $10,000 on a select range of our approved new home packages. Our deposit gifts are only available for owner occupiers seeking to get into their own home. Deposit gifts are not available for investors and may not be available on all properties for sale.

Free Service / Commissions

MWC Property Group offers a fee free service for Home buyers and Investors. Our dedicated team works hard to assist our clients and prospective buyers by providing a wide range of services. In order for us to provide a free service and to run our business, our company may receive a commission or referral incentive through our partner builders, developers, land agents when a new property is sold. Our finance partners may also receive a commission / trail for a home loan product from the lending institutions.

Properties for Sale

Any property presented by MWC Property Group is for the purpose of providing Home Buyers and Investors with information on Australian properties for sale. The information provided on our website or in our property profiles is not intended to constitute financial or investment advice. Appropriate professional advice should be obtained by any person prior to acting on any of the information contained in the Profile.

No representation or warranty (whether express or implied) is given concerning the information therein contained, nor is any form of liability accepted for the making of any statement or reproduction of any table or schedule or any other information directly or indirectly concerning any property or associated matter. All information contained in the profile is believed by MWC Property Group to be true and correct. MWC Property Group does not guarantee the information and any prospective purchaser must rely on their own inquiries and professional advisers.

Our profiles use data and information supplied to MWC Property Group by various third party suppliers of relevant property information. Neither MWC Property Group, relevant third party information sources, or any of their officers, employees or agents gives any warranties nor accepts any liability for any decision with respect to the sale or purchase or residential (or other) property consequence of using the Profile.

MWC Property Group and third-party information suppliers believe that the statements, information, recommendation, calculations, data and graphs contained in our profiles are correct and not misleading but give no warranty in relation there to and expressly disclaim any liability for the loss or damage which may arise from any person acting or deciding not to act partly or wholly on the basis of any statements, information recommendations, calculations, data and graphs.


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