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Own a home or invest today!

Get pre-qualified.

Our team is dedicated to helping home buyers and investors. We aim to provide education, resources and support that will enable you to achieve your goals.

As part of our service we provide a free assessment.

This allows us to get a snapshot of your goals and current situation. With this information we can determine your potential borrowing amount and if you qualify for our service.

Here you can view the basic eligibility criteria and get started.

Everyone's situation is unique so we encourage all home buyers and investors to complete our pre-qualification form. Our team can then determine what options may be available to you within your budget. Our service is free and it's completely up to you if you decide to proceed with us. We're here to help and support you anytime and when it suits you.

To be eligible you simply need to be able to service a home or investment loan. Because everyone's individual situation is unique, qualification will vary depending on your personal circumstances.

Our free assessment allows us to determine how much you can potentially borrow and what options are available to you.

The criteria below can be used as a basic guide:

  • 18 years or over
  • Aus. Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Good Credit Rating with No Defaults
  • Solid Rental or Savings History
  • Single Buyer - $60,000+ Gross Annual Income
  • Joint Buyers - $80,000+ Combined Gross Annual Income

At least one buyer should receive an employment income and additional incomes such as bonuses and Government payments may at times be accepted.

We encourage all home buyers and investors to complete our assessment form as we may be able to offer suggestions on how you may be able to qualify now or in the future.

The required deposit can vary depending on a range of factors such as the location, available Government grants and the price of the home you desire. House prices will vary by location, property type, house and land size etc.

Our service is designed to educate our clients and provide support that will allow them to achieve their home ownership or investment goals.

We've outlined our recommended starting deposits for home buyers and investors below (as a general guide only).

✓ First Home Buyers from $5k Deposit
✓ Non-First Home Buyers from $20k Deposit
✓ Home Buyers with a Family Guarantor from $0 Deposit
✓ Investors from $140k in home equity or $60k savings

Our team can assist you with determining a savings goal for your desired property.

Our free assessment is not a finance application. It simply allows our team to get a basic overview of your current situation. We can then determine if you qualify for our service and how much you can potentially borrow towards a home or investment property. This is not an application and won't effect your credit score.

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It's really simple to get pre-qualified, just click the button below to complete our free assessment form in a few easy steps!

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Complete our free assessment form in a few steps and begin your home buyer or investment journey!

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