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Where it all begins.

Are you ready to fast-track your journey to home ownership?

Our Low Deposit Home Solution is helping hundreds of Aussies to achieve home ownership sooner with less savings. It's our goal to make your journey simple with our team at your side the entire way!

As part of our service we provide a free assessment. This allows us to determine if we can assist you with a new home purchase now or in the near future. Below you can view the basic criteria and get started.

Everyone's situation is unique so we encourage all home buyers to complete our pre-qualification form. Our team can then provide a free assessment to determine what options may be available to you within your budget. Our service is free and it's completely up to you if you decide to proceed with us. We're here to help and support you anytime and when it suits you.

To be eligible you simply need to be able to service a mortgage. This means having things like a stable income, good credit rating and your bills paid on time. We've outlined the basic criteria below...

  • 18+
  • Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents
  • Stable reliable income
  • Good credit history / no defaults

Additional criteria which can be useful:

  • Some lenders will consider a rental history with a lease in your name as genuine savings. If you don't have a rental history we can assist you with a savings plan.
  • If you're eligible for the Government First Home Owner Grant this can be used towards your deposit to help you with less savings.
  • If you have a family member who is prepared to guarantee your home loan, you may be able to get into your home with little to no deposit.

If you don't meet the above criteria, we encourage you to still complete our pre-qualification form as we may still be able to offer suggestions on how you may be able to qualify now or in the future.

Not at all! This pre-qualification process simply allows our team to determine if you qualify for our Low Deposit Home Solution and calculate how much you can potentially borrow. This is not an application for finance and will not impact your credit score in anyway.

Start here.

With a clearer idea about your current situation, we can determine if you qualify and help you achieve home ownership. Complete our pre-qualification form in a few simple steps to receive your free home buyer assessment.

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