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Our team is dedicated to helping home buyers and investors. We aim to provide education, resources and support that will enable you to achieve your goals.

As part of our service we provide a free assessment.

This allows us to get a snapshot of your goals and current situation. With this information we can determine your potential borrowing amount and if you qualify for our service.

Below you can view the basic criteria below and get started.

We help home buyers and investors seeking to build or buy brand new properties in Australia. Our free assessment allows us to determine the amount you can potentially borrow towards a new home purchase.

Pre-qualification is not a finance application and won't effect your credit score. It simply allows us to better understand your situation so we can help to explore options with you.

Because everyone's individual situation is unique, eligibility will vary depending on your personal circumstances and requirements.

House prices can vary by location, property size and design. Borrowing amounts and deposit requirements can also vary by lender. For this reason, our team will assess your situation carefully to see what options may be available to you.

The criteria below can be used as a basic guide*

  • 18+ years
  • Aus. Citizen(s) or Permanent Resident(s)
  • Good Credit History with No Defaults
  • Solid Rental or Savings History
  • Single Buyer - Over $70,000 Per Year Before Tax
  • Joint Buyers - Over $80,000 Combined Per Year Before Tax
  • Bonuses & Government Payments may be accepted (subject to payment type and lender)

We encourage all home buyers and investors to complete our assessment form as we may be able to offer suggestions on how you may be able to qualify now or in the future.

Deposit amounts can vary based on a number of factors such as property prices in your preferred location, your individual requirements and eligible Government grants. Our team can help to determine how much deposit may be required based on your individual goals and situation.

Building a home just got better! Eligible home buyers can now choose between our Deposit Boost of up to $10k OR we can cover your mortgage repayments while you build with Mortgage Assist!

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It's really simple to get pre-qualified, just click the button below to complete our free assessment form in a few easy steps!

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* The criteria listed above is to be used as a guide only. Qualification can vary depending on the buyers requirements, income, financial commitments etc. Lending products and property prices are subject to change which may impact the buyers qualification result. The basic criteria is subject to change at anytime inline with market changes.


Complete our free assessment form in a few steps and start your journey to home ownership!

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