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Client Reviews!

Check out some great reviews from our happy first home buyers and investors!


Thank you to the whole team at MWC! You are a blessing in disguise! Angie and Courtney you both have been absolutely amazing!, always keeping us updated during the process. You have made our journey to possessing our land stress free and we can't wait to see the finished product of our new home. We highly recommend MWC to our friends and family, and a special thank you to John and Angela Trz'an for providing a service that has supported us and helped us to safely cross over into our promise land. We are so thankful to you all!

Henry & Priscilla, First Home Buyers (Pictured Above)



"Thank you to the entire MWC group for helping myself and my partner Ben purchase and build our brand new home! Friends of ours mentioned your services to us in 2016 and by the end of the year we had signed the contract with construction having started in February this year. As I type this now I am sitting in the living room of my brand new home! It is an amazing feeling to go from years of renting to home ownership!"

"Courtney and Angie went above and beyond to guide us through every step of the way and we could not be more grateful! We have already recommended MWC to all of our friends and family and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get a foot in the door to the property market. They value their clients so highly and will always be in your corner no matter the challenge. Thank you so much!"

Ben & Josie, First Home Buyers (Pictured Above)



Our dream was to be able to build our own home but it seemed like a distant goal that we'd never achieve especially with a baby only a few weeks away and the FHOG only around for a limited time. We came across MWC on our news feed and thought, "what the heck, we've got nothing to lose", and sent an enquiry off straight away. Of course we had our reservations and wanted to meet face to face first with anyone who advertised their promise to make the possibility of owning our first home a reality.

After a couple meetings, we're so glad we went out of our comfort zone and met Angie and Courtney who helped make this dream a reality. Their knowledge, guidance and service is beyond amazing and always keeping us updated on the status of our application is greatly appreciated. Thank you Courtney, Angie, Nick and everyone at MWC for making our dream a reality! Finally in our own home which we thought we’d never be able to achieve, however, everything just fell into place and it wouldn’t have without you guys!

John & Sharlene, First Home Buyers (Pictured Above)



We have been renting all our lives and thought owning our own home was well and truely out of reach. Then in June 2017 we came across a Facebook ad for MWC Group and thought 'why not check it out'. We met with Shakira who was lovely and she went through the process, however at that point in time we weren't quite ready to go ahead. Fast forward a couple of months to Sept 2017 and we received an email from Angela with a great affordable house and land package in the brand new Waterlea estate at Walloon Qld. This was followed up by a phone call from Kyla. It was great to see we were still on their minds after a number of months had gone by. And now here we are - Settlement day today. We have now officially purchased our house and land package and are ready to start the building process. We are due to be in our forever home mid 2018.

A massive thank you to Angela for everything she has done - going above and beyond to make this a possibility for us. Thank you to Kyla for talking me through the initial package information and for being a calming influence when I was starting to get a bit overwhelmed. Thank you to Angie for stepping us through the loan process and helping us to secure finance. And thank you to Courtney - who has stepped us through everything else; who has answered my every single question no matter how big or small it was.

MWC Group really is a one stop shop for first home buyers and make it so much easier to get into your first home. I would recommended MWC Group to anyone and everyone looking to get into their first home.



"From the very first meeting with Shakira from MWC, everything has been explained thoroughly to us. No hidden terms or costs. We have been blessed to have Angie and Courtney, two fabulous, professional and knowledgeable ladies guide us through each stage of this process with ease. We have already recommended MWC to good friends of ours. But why wouldn't you want to pass on such wonderful service to others. From people who have gone above and beyond what is required of them. Now our slab has been poured and it won't be long before we're living in our own home. Thankyou MWC for making our dream become reality."

Brent, Michelle & Family, First Home Buyers (Pictured Above)



"Saw the ad on facebook and was quite sceptical as we were in our mid 40’s and renting for 12 years. Filled in the online form and sent it off and thought we’d never hear anything. A few days later I received a phone call from Madi saying we qualified for the low deposit home and would we like to make a face to face meeting. A couple of weeks later we met with Kathy who explained the next step and assured us they were there to assist every step of the way and help if they could. We found some land the next weekend, left a refundable deposit and advised Kathy. We were then passed on to both Courtney and Angie who assisted us with the mortgage application, FHOG application and basically have been there to answer any questions and help us in anyway they could and to assist us through the next step, handling everything and taking away any stress. Last week our mortgage was unconditionally approved and we went unconditional on the land contract."

"I seriously can't thank Courtney, Angie, Kathy and Madi and the whole team at MWC enough. At the beginning of October we were looking at spending the rest of our lives renting but thanks to these Guys we are on our way to achieving something we never thought was possible. I would highly recommend MWC to everyone I know as they are open, honest, help ease all the stress and most importantly know what there doing and how to assist. Thank you so much from both Karen and myself!"



"After years of renting who knew it would be this easy to own your own home. Thanks to Angie and Courtney who made that possible. They guided us the whole way through. We found MWC Group on facebook and never looked back. We are currently into our second week waiting on council approval. It was a long process to go through. At times it was testing us but we got there in the end, and can't wait till we move in. We couldn't recommend you enough. A pleasure to deal with. Thank you again."

Stacey & Aaron, First Home Buyers (Pictured Above)



"My husband and I have always wanted to own our own home but we never thought it would be possible, we came across MWC on Facebook and that was the start of our dreams coming true. Having 3 kids made it hard to save for a deposit but thanks to MWC's gift we only needed to save a small amount. MWC have been so amazing through out the process, no question is to silly to ask! They go above and beyond to help you get into your new home. We highly recommend giving them a call, there is so much to gain and nothing to loose."



I was stuck in a bit of a rut when I first talked to MWC. I wanted to get ahead in life and have some more financial security, however I was at the peak of my pay scale as a teacher and wasn’t managing to save much after my own mortgage and the cost of living in Perth were taken into account. I definitely didn’t think I was in a position to buy an investment property. Master Wealth Coach made me see that this actually was a possibility for me. Always aware of my fear of not having money to fall back on if it went pear shaped, they sought out the best investment for me.

This investment was in QLD which, coming from Perth can be a scary faraway thing. Master Wealth Coach took all the fear out of me, they were there to answer every annoying and seemingly silly question I had, they responded to emails or calls quicker than my own workmates would and nothing was too much trouble for them. They introduced me to financial advisors/mortgage brokers who again eased my mind and talked through every aspect of the mortgage/loan.

During construction, Courtney was in contact with me continuously letting me know the progress and sending pictures. Not once did I feel out of the loop or distanced from the whole event. All in all, I can’t fault the service I have received with them. For a company based in QLD, I am amazed at how connected to the whole event they have made me feel. I have had calls, emails and face to face contact whenever I have wanted. Any small problems were quickly rectified and I was always in the know.

Thank you Master Wealth Coach for helping a single female invest in property and for taking all the ‘fear’ out of it.

Stacey, First Time Investor (Pictured Above)



"Well I've got to say a huge thank you to Courtney, Angie and the entire team at Master Wealth Coach group... the build on my brand new home starts in just over a week... I still can't believe that it's really happening! I'd seriously given up dreaming of it, resigning myself to the rent cycle for eternity. Angie & Courtney have been by my side every step of the way so far, (I settled Dec 14) nothing has been too much trouble, they're always just a quick phone call or email away, I'm looking forward to the next stage.. "the build", exciting and terrifying at the same time. I'm sure it will go as seamlessly as everything else has to this point so I move forward with confidence!"

"I've been treated like a member of a special family, walked through every aspect of the process, questions answered in record time, nothing has been a bother for Angie and Courtney.... if you're looking to get started in the scary world of home ownership look no further than MWC Group! You'll be glad you did! Thank you guys for making home ownership a reality!"

Rod, First Home Buyer (Pictured Above)



"My husband and I cannot thank the team at MWC enough! We never dreamt that we could own our own home as we struggled to save for a deposit. The team made this possible for us and made it a stress free and very exciting journey. All of our questions were answered along the way and nothing was too hard for the team. Very special thank you to Courtney and Gary. Absolutely amazing job guys, we could not have done it without you!"


What a joy it was for us to visit Farentino, Donna and family at their very own brand new first home (Pictured Above). Congratulations guys, we couldn't be happier for you!



We have loved getting to know this beautiful family who have just settled on their block of land in Brisbane... Their state of the art home will be under construction over the coming weeks and we look forward to stepping them through the process, all the way to handover. Exciting times ahead Lokeni and Leilani!



"After many years of renting and not getting ahead we were recommended to MWC by a close friend. After 1 appointment with Courtney our dreams were suddenly at hands reach and from that point on we have been guided through the most pleasant experience of finally purchasing our very first home! Courtney and Angie have been a blessing to work with and have made this experience as stress free as possible allowing us as a family to enjoy each stage, and we are only getting started!"

"We cannot thank them enough and higly recommend them as your first home advisors. Thank you for helping us bring our dream to life as we look forward to the next exciting stage of building our brand new home! Such a pleasant experience and we look forward to the next few months of seeing our home come to life. Cannot recommend MWC enough!"

Shannon, Regan & Family, First Home Buyers (Pictured Above)



"My partner and I have been renting together for the last 4 years and were stuck in the downward spiral and struggle to save the 30K deposit you generally require to buy your first home. We found MWC on Facebook and it was the best opportunity we had at getting a house. We currently have just settled on land of our choice in a location central to our family and friends. The process was easy and the staff were always a call or text away. I was hesitant at this amazing opportunity in the beginning as it seemed too good to be true however I can honestly vouch that their first home owner packages are genuine. They are offering a fantastic opportunity for any first home owner at getting your foot through the door.  If you are thinking of buying a house we would highly recommend MWC to go through. They are understanding, respectful and honest about what to expect. You would be silly to not take up this amazing opportunity at getting your foot through the door! Emily and James."

Emily & James, First Home Buyers (Pictured Above)



Being new to Australia, the prospect of owning my own Home and property, was very daunting to say the least, never mind the feeling of drowning in paperwork forms and credit checks. One day wifey was looking at the MWC Facebook page and we thought why not? Honestly not expecting much...and to be honest...scam alert ran through my head. Fast forward a few months and Boom! Our slab is being laid....and we are homeowners of a brand new spanking Home in the beautiful Aspire Griffin estate! I can honestly say the transparency of each step and meticulous explanation of each phase, allayed a lot of fears we had.

I have to sincerely say thank you to Courtney, Angie and the rest of the team who worked tirelessly to make this possible and so so easy for us. We literally had everything done for us and clearly explained each step of the way, all we had to do was sign and review and approve. The master Wealth Team have a lot of experience in this field and were always one step ahead of the process, which meant no unexpected surprises. I thought this would be a severely long and drawn out process, but it turned out to be quite simple and easy to understand. The only regret I have was not finding them sooner! Thanks guys you are a wonderful team! My advice give them a call , you will not regret it!



My partner and I have been renting for the past 4 years and really wanted to have our own place. We really wanted to build or buy but never thought it was possible.

I was on Facebook and came across the MWC Group Facebook page - There was an option to see if we would qualify or be eligible to be able to get into our first home with no savings. I filled out the form online and got a response back basically straight away. I called the office and spoke with Courtney. She gave me so much information that was helpful and realistic. I went and spoke with my partner and we both agreed that this sounded like such a great option for us.

Both Courtney and Angie have been so helpful. They have made this journey such an easy and non stressful time for my partner and I. All our finance has been approved, the $20,000 FHOG has been approved, we are currently looking at different colour schemes and are waiting on our land settlement.

We have been able to go through this whole process not being stressed or worried. Courtney goes through everything step by step so we are always aware of what is happening and whenever we have questions she is always so quick to get back to us. We would definitely recommend the MWC Group to our family or friends with no hesitance at all.

Brooke & Russell, First Home Buyers (Pictured Above)



A massive thank you to Angie, Courtney and the MWC team for making our dream a reality. They have walked us through every step and have made the whole process so easy and stress free.

Hubby and I didn't think we were in a position to purchase our own home. We thought we would be stuck in the rent cycle forever and never be able to provide our growing family with the stability and financial security we dreamed of. Now we are about to start building our home!

We cannot recommend the MWC group enough! Don't just dream about owning your own home, contact MWC today!

Cassandra & Scott, First Home Buyers (Pictured Above)



It was time for us to stop renting and get into the property market. Being first home buyers, we didn’t know where to start. We came across MWC Group on Facebook and requested information. Madi called the next day, and sent information on who MWC Group were, and what they do. We then met with David, who gave us specifics on budgets, deposits and expectations. David happily answered all of our questions and helped us understand the suburbs we were looking at. Once we found the land we wanted, we met with Angie for our finance and Courtney for the land/build. They walked us thoroughly through the process, explaining everything we didn’t understand (which was quite a lot being first home buyers!) and after our meeting, started the ball rolling! Angie was very open and approachable, making the daunting task of applying for finance a straightforward process. Courtney has been so helpful, guiding us through the purchase of the land, settlement and construction. She has answered our million and one questions, always in a timely, patient and cheerful manner. Having MWC Group with us every step of the way, helping us understand, setting realistic expectations and being extremely supportive has made this process not only exciting, but also erased any stress that is usually associated with being first home buyers. I recommend MWC Group to anyone looking to build or buy, whether for yourself or as an investment. We’re so excited to be moving into our own house soon!



Our journey with MWC master group started with a simple conversation from a girlfriend whose son and daughter in law where building. We were extremely apprehensive because we had many experience with shonky brokers promising that they could get us a home loan and as my credit rating wasn’t without issue, the answer was always no, leaving yet another mark on my credit rating to pull down my credit score.

Our first contact with MWC was with David he came out to the house ON A SUNDAY, talked us through, and showed us some options for house and land, my partner Jamie and I were still a little weary but decided to proceed and see where we ended up. Our next contact was with Angie who walked us through the finance and how much we could borrow. Still having being burnt many times before we were a little apprehensive. My partner is a natural worrier and always concerns about minor details; they didn’t get annoyed instead reassuring us all the time.

We took a trip from the north side of Brisbane to Sanctuary Cove office where we were warmly greeted and walked through signed the mountains of document by the lovely Courtney who calmly answer our concerns and assured us that they could absolutely get us across the line for finance. And THEY DELIVERED!!!! 

For every step we took, we were told what to expect, how long it would take, and if we had any questions, which we had, a lot of they were very patient and kind. I feel like Courtney needs a medal for dealing with the millions of questions she has fielded, but Courtney was an angel and never made us feel like we were annoying her (even though I thought I was), she was warm, kind and very very patient. 

I honestly thought we would never own our own home, I am 48 and my partner is 46 and we had bugger all deposit and minor issues with our credit ratings. Finally, if they can get us across the line and into our home they can get anyone into theirs. I cannot sing the praises highly enough for MWC, we are forever grateful to Angela, Courtney, & Angie you are angels and lifesavers. 

Thank you sincerely does not seem enough to express our thanks. Debby Fletcher & James Matthews.




How heartwarming it was to receive this beautiful, big bunch of blooms from our excited first home owners, Luke and Deoline! We're so pleased to be part of their new chapter in life and we appreciate their very kind gesture which definitely made our day!



What can we say, the MWC group have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. We have been in the property market for a number of years and have had a lot of ups and a few downs, but the experience with these guys has been second to none. 

Communication was of the highest standard and every step of our recent purchase has been the easiest to date. All communication with the different organizations involved with our purchase was directed through one avenue, MWC. Nothing was an issue and when there was a matter needing attention, they made the resolution seem like it wasn't our problem to resolve.

We would recommend them to anyone looking at investing in property and would definitely be using them again if we get the opportunity to buy an investment property again. Thank you guys.

Davide, Nadege & Family (Pictured Above)



We have been burnt in previous investments so jumping back in again and trusting others with our future was a big deal for us. However from the beginning we have felt that our new venture with MWC has been well supported and researched to best fit our needs.

Max is definitely a character but any concerns regarding his choices for our investment were dealt with promptly and realistically by himself and the team so we always knew where we stood. Courtney has been exceptional throughout the whole building process, keeping us up to date with everything, especially as we are on the other side of the country and to have things go so smoothly with the whole process was a refreshing change.

The people which MWC use to carry their own reputation as investment managers clearly defines what they are about in guiding peoples’ dreams of a prosperous future.

We have recently invested again through MWC and would highly recommend the whole team there. For anyone looking to go down a similar path but maybe felt a little unsure, have a chat with them. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Steve & Jo-Ann, Property Investors (Pictured Above)

My first investment property was overseas and it proved to be a massive failure and a money pit. I was very hesitant to enter into another investment venture and when I received the phone call I was still cautious but did agree to an appointment.

From the very first face to face meeting with the consultant Fran my mind was put at ease due to her knowledge and the information provided. She was able to address all of my concerns and explained the process from end to end. At no time did I feel pressured in any way.

Throughout the entire process I was informed and kept up to date by my client liaison manager Courtney Irwin who provided progress report's including photos. Even in a weather event I received text messages to advise me that there was no danger to my property given the home was still under construction.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Master Wealth Coach to anyone wishing to enter or expand their investment portfolio.

Julie, Property Investor


We were nervous when thinking about investing in property and doing something a little more 'brave' with our finances. The team at MWC were absolutely fantastic. Courtney held our hand every single step of the way, always going FAR above an beyond what was required. (She is actually the best customer service representative I've EVER dealt with, in any company) Kay was also very helpful and understanding. Michael was brilliant on the finance side of things. Everything about this big step toward financial freedom was looked after and explained. We are very happy with our MWC experience.

Sam & Pauline, First Time Investors


We are extremely happy with the level of service that Geoff has provided us during the planning and construction of our first investment property. We were most impressed with their willingness to attend meetings on our terms, as well as regular contact via emails and phone calls, keeping us abreast of the current investment property market.

He was always able to explain the detail to a level that we, as first time investors were able to comprehend which gave us confidence to move forward with the purchasing of an investment property. Our wealth coach was able to provide recommendation where required which was often supported by his past experience. This provided a high level of comfort that we made the right decision in using your services.

We were also impressed with the support from Courtney in the office. She made our experience so much easier, having one point of contact that we knew would always act in our best interest and always answer our questions in a timely fashion.

We would not hesitate to use your services again and are happy to recommend you to any prospective property investors.

Cameron & Kate, Property Investors


Buying your first investment property can be a great leap into the unknown. Researching areas, housing properties and everything that comes along with it can be quite daunting. We’d like to thank you, especially Gerard who we met initially and who assisted us with finding the most appropriate property and then Courtney, who kept on top of everything for us and who tied up all the loose ends. We were kept informed at every stage and it was lovely to be able to feel confident that we were guided in the right direction and that our best interests were kept in mind.

They were always professional, positive and easy to contact and I felt comfortable discussing any minor detail with them. They answered the questions in my e-mails & phone calls promptly, honestly and almost immediately. It was refreshing to find a company where what you see is, what you get, they have no hidden agenda and at no time did we feel pressure or any need to do something that we did not feel comfortable with.

Please pass on our thanks to Gerard and Courtney, we have had a tenant in place for one month and are looking forward to a positive future without their guidance and assistance I doubt we would be on this road to a better future.

James & Sonia, First Time Investors


We didn't have to stress about which steps we needed to take next. We were walked through each step. They contacted us and told us what we need to do. If we didn't understand it was explained. If we didn't do something or understand correctly, They got in contact and went through it again. Completely pain free experience!

If you're looking at purchasing an investment property but unsure on how to go about the process, definitely talk to MWC. The process is easy and they do all the hard work for you! I have handed out quite a few business cards to other friends who are in the mining industry and would like help on reducing their tax. I wish that we had known of MWC sooner!!

Amanda, Property Investor


Just wanted to say thank you so much for your support and professional advice during the building of our investment property at "Windaroo Outlook Estate". The builders you recommended were excellent to deal with and made the building process very easy, especially when we lived inter- state. It was great to know that you were only an 'email away' if we had any questions or issues. I thank you for the quick manner in which you responded to our concerns and questions during this process. Your assistance with and organisation of our loans was wonderful. We would never have been able to do this on our own. Overall, our experience with you and building an investment home has been positive and we've learnt so much. We valued the advice you gave and trusted the decisions you made on behalf of us.

Our thanks as well, for the great discount you got us with real estate agent fees. Much appreciated. Thanks again for everything. Can't wait to have your assistance when we decide to buy our third investment property in the next couple of years!

Trevor & Michele, Property Investors

There comes a time in life when no matter how scared you might be something feels right and you just have to take a leap of faith.

From the moment we spoke to Brendon then Marijke, Robert and Courtney we felt at ease. At no time did we feel pressured, in fact the whole team was so understanding and patient with us as first time investors. They explained everything in great detail until we understood no matter the time it took, nothing was ever too much trouble.

They provided us with extensive information, helped us to do research and answered all our questions (no matter how simple) in a friendly, knowledgeable manner never making us feel inadequate. Our home is now built, beautiful and rented. We can’t thank the team enough!

Donna & Michelle, Property Investors


We would like to thank you for helping us to stop procrastinating and get into the investment property market. Your experts guided us all the way from start to finish and we did not hesitate to purchase a second investment property with them. MWC offered great support throughout and we found the whole experience to be stress free with no pressure. We would happily work with MWC again on our next investment.

Robert & Rose, First Time Investors


It started when I completed the online application on fb one day, truly didn't think it was possible but thought to give it a go anyway. After a couple of days I received a call from Angie of MWC. I was very surprised at this stage, and we went over our application again, Angie suggested an appointment for us to come in and speak with her in person. We set a date. We arrived to the office for our appointment and were greeted by Angie, she made us all (our whole family practically) feel welcomed and comfortable.

We were given forms to complete with all the relevant details and asked questions on the process for the home loan, first home grant etc...we were quite surprised how simple it all sounded at the time. Afterwards when ID's and income confirmation were submitted, Courtney was then introduced to us by Angie, and Courtney went over the application with us again and advised they were going to be in touch should there be anything else.

After a couple of weeks, I received an email that our First home grant was approved, I was ecstatic with the timing, a week later we received a call from the bank that our home loan was approved, this all came within a couple of weeks after our appointment with Angie and Courtney. We (my family and I) would like to thank Angie and Courtney for their professional service and giving us the opportunity to own our very first home here in Brisbane. I recommend their service and this company to anyone who is finding it hard to get into their first home. Thank you so much. Kind regards Ala & Tua.

Ala & Tua, First Home Buyers


MWC has changed our life and given us confidence in an amazing future. From our first contact with Marijke, we felt at ease and knew we were in great hands. Courtney is invaluable and has been holding our hand every step of the way. Before we asked a question, she had the answer.

At no time have we felt like we have been left unguided throughout this venture. Robert and his team are super-efficient and patient. The continuous contact with knowledgeable professionals have made this amazing journey possible.

In the blink of an eye our beautiful property was ready for handover - with tenants waiting to move in. Everything went so smoothly that in less than a year, our second property is purchased with tenants already moved in. MWC — you guys rock!! Thank you for changing our future to a bright place.

Eddie & Mel, Property Investors


We were quite nervous to have another investment property, as we lost considerable money on our first one. So, we asked lots of questions and in the end took a little leap of faith and fortunately for us we are glad we did.

Right from the first appointment through to getting tenants in the finished property, we have been looked after. In particular, the service we received from Courtney Irwin (Client Liaison Manager) went above and beyond our expectations. To say the service we received was professional, positive and courteous, is to completely understate it. There was personal touch in the way our concerns were addressed and ultimately resolved and that takes skill.

There are always difficulties when you build from a plan and live on the other side of the country but Courtney made the process so smooth. We had constant communication and photos on the build progress. We were given recommendations and advice along the way but were under no obligation or pressure to accept it. The freedom to make our choices was made clear and supported throughout the process.

Our new investment property was finished on time and budget and delivered on all it was promised, thanks to all the team at MWC. We would heartily recommend using MWC to any of our family and friends.

Darryl & Tanya, Property Investors

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