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Block selection tips for building a home

Tips to finding suitable land to build on.

One major benefit of building a new home, is that you have the flexibility to choose your home design, colour scheme and the location. When searching for suitable land, consider our block selection tips below...


1. Know your budget.

First things first, make sure to determine your budget! This will allow you to search for land that's within a suitable price bracket. We can provide you with a free assessment to give you an idea of your potential borrowing amount.


2. Explore locations.

Once you have an idea of your affordability, you can search on websites such as realestate.com.au or domain.com.au to see what land options are available within or nearby to your preferred location.

Search within your price range and remember that a little flexibility with location or land size may allow you to find a more affordable option. Get creative and consider as many areas as possible!

Alternatively, if there's a particular estate that you're interested in then explore the estates website or contact the developer to find out what's available.


3. Shape & slope.

Ideally, your block of land should be flat, rectangular and free from obstructions such as trees. Level blocks will help to ensure that it's suitable to build on and keep site costs at a minimum and allow for a wider range of home designs.


In most estates, the developer will prepare the land. This makes it easier to find a level block that also has sewer and water connections. Your MWC Advisor can help to determine if your block is suitable.


4. Easements & restrictions.

Find out if there's any easements over your block. Mains services are the most common easement, and this may restrict your build area to the point that you can’t get the size of home on the block that you want.

If buying land in a new estate, find out what restrictions the developer may have included on the block. These rules are in addition to the council conditions and may limit the height, style and exterior finishes of your home.


5. Future planning.

Get to know the location and any future changes that may impact your lifestyle for the better... or worse. Think about road changes, nearby developments, rezoning etc. These things may impact your enjoyment or the value of your home in the future.

If you’ve found the block with the best views and fallen in love with it, be extra careful that those views are yours forever. There is nothing worse than having that great view blocked later down the track!


6. Secure your block.

Once you've found a block of land, you should contact the agent to ensure it's still available and find out how to put the block on hold. Generally, the agent will require a refundable deposit to reserve your block and put it on hold.

You should ask the agent to send you the information that the builder will require to site your house up ie. contour plans, disclosure plan, design guidelines and any other relevant supporting information.

Your MWC Advisor will be able to help you with securing your block.


Get started!

Our team is here to help make your journey to home ownership simple. We will help you to find and secure suitable land within your budget. To get started, complete our free assessment form online in a few simple steps!

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