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Refer a friend!

Do you have a friend, workmate or relative who need rescuing from the rent cycle? As our client, if you refer a friend and they purchase a home through us, we will give you a $500 Eftpos Gift Card!*

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Referral Rewards will be supplied as a Westfield EFTPOS Gift Card. When using a gift card, ensure that 'Savings' is selected on the EFTPOS Terminal - Not Credit or Cheque. There is a scratchy section in the bottom corner to reveal the pin number. Most retailers will accept the gift card and it is not limited to Westfield stores however, some retailers may not accept the Gift Card at their discretion. If necessary, gift cards may be substituted for cheque or other payment methods at our discretion. To check the balance of your gift card visit westfieldgiftcards.com.au

* Terms and Conditions 1) When you refer someone to us and they purchase a new home with us, we will provide you with a referral reward of $500. In order to receive our reward you must be a client of MWC Property Group and already have purchased a home through us and reached the Settlement stage. 2) We must receive your referral before your friend has their first appointment with us. Referrals can be submitted by the form on this page, directly via email or your friend can let us know you referred them to us. 3) All rewards will be paid after the Settlement of the property purchase/home loan transaction of the person you referred. Rewards are only valid for the first transaction only, not future property purchases. 4) Rewards will be provided as a prepaid EFTPOS/VISA Gift Card. If necessary, gift cards may be substituted for cheque or other payment methods at our discretion. 5) MWC Property Group reserves the right to update/change our Referral Rewards Program at any time.