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How to Save More Money!

Save, save, SAVE! Most of us were taught the importance of saving at a very young age however, everyday we are...

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What is Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI)?

When looking to buy your first home, you may have heard of the term 'Lenders Mortgage Insurance' or 'LMI'. This type...

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5 smart first home buyer starter tips...

Buying your home is a very exciting time. It's your opportunity to enter the property market and invest into your...

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Gold Coast Property Market Update 2019

The Gold Coast property market has experienced strong property growth over the past years. According to a new...

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Tax deductions that property investors can claim

According to the ATO there are around 1.9 million property investors in Australia and 2.7 million rental investment...

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How to Protect Your Credit Score

Your credit report (also known as a credit file) is one of your most important financial assets. Your report shares...

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Credit Cards VS Your Home Loan Application

Do credit cards have an effect on your borrowing power when applying for a loan? Yes, and it's not just about how...

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Positive and Negative Gearing: Comparing the Two!

Before selecting a property to invest in, it is important to consider whether that property best suits your current...

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Fixed and Variable Rate Loans... what's the difference?

With low interest rates a current topic of conversation, many clients are asking us the same question: Do I fix my...

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